What Happened to my Pass Classic Gallery?

You were taken to this page because you tried to visit a gallery on Pass Classic that has not been migrated to Pass+.

In April 2024, we completed our transition from Pass Classic to Pass Plus.  While we migrated over 5,000,000 galleries, not every gallery was moved over. 

If your gallery was not migrated, not to worry!  We may still be able to retrieve it. 

For more on the migration, you can read more here.  

I'm a Photographer.  How do I access my gallery? 

If your account has not been migrated already, you may request a migration by completing this migration request form

If you already have a Pass+ account, we'll migrate your galleries there.  If you do not have a Pass+ account, we'll automatically create a new one for you. 

Once your account has been migrated:

  1. All of your Pass Classic galleries will be accessible via Pass+ 
  2. The old gallery URLs will automatically redirect to the new gallery location on Pass+ 
  3. You can automatically email all of your clients with the gallery's new location

If you have any questions, please reach out to help@passgallery.com. 

I'm a Client.  How do I access my gallery?

If your photographer uploaded a gallery to Pass Classic, we may be able to retrieve it for you. 

We will provide you with a temporary a download link if the gallery lists your email as the "Main Client" AND allows for hi-res downloads. 

To retrieve your gallery, simply send us an email with the URL of the gallery (or if you don't have it, the Gallery Name and photographer's email address). 

Please be sure to send the message from the email address associated with the gallery (usually that's the to which the invitation was sent at the time it was published).  

Once we receive your request, we'll provide you with a link to download a zip file containing the hi-res copies of the images within your gallery.  You'll receive this link within 24 business hours, and it will be available for 7 days.  

Still have questions? 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at help@passgallery.com.  We're always here to help!